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Seeds Logistics

Seeds Logistics - - Crop Protection Logistics


VLS-Group has developed  huge skills and competence in international seeds logistics and agro chemical logistics. VLS-Group manages complete seeds supply chains from origin to destination, taking following key important requirements into consideration:

Logistics concept design
• Transport route evaluation & definition (preferred, backup routes, fast lanes)
• International and regional transport hubs
• Ports and terminals
• Partner selection or contract partner integration

Supply Chain administration
• Documentation flow (full chain)
• Administration of customs arrangements (export, transit, import, bonded storage)
• Administration of phytosanitary & quarantine arrangements
• Coordination of import and transit permits

Flow management
• Order administration
• Transport bookings
• Port forwarding (agency network)

Logistics execution
• VLS-Group warehouses and cross docking facilities
• VLS-Group road haulage solutions
• VLS-Group overseas & multimodal transport solutions
• VLS-Group intermodal railway logistics

Meanwhile VLS-Group handles the seeds flows as well as the agro chemical flows of some of the major players in the international seeds business on a multimodal basis. Full logistic services are organized between the production continents and the consignees, distributors and seeds planters in emerging markets s.a. Russia, Ukraine, Turkey etc.

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