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China plays a very important role in VLS-Group’s logistics.

China is a country, that was mainly focussed on export cargo, but there are also very interesting import flows. The logistics sector is growing at an extraordinary fast rate, thanks to the development of the industries in China, but also as a result of the rise of consumption in the domestic consumer market.

VLS-Group is active in logistics to and from China since decades. The Group handles classical import flows from Western Europe to China, but also increasingly huge export volumes from China.
VLS-Group offers logistic services to inland destinations in China via our logistics partner in China, who are especially experts in hinterland logistics like Yangtze River barging, rail logistics and truck logistics.

In addition the Group has developed a huge knowledge in intermodal railway logistics from China directly to Russia and other CIS states. We offer integrated logistics solutions in (pallet-wide) containers directly into Russia, or via Mongolia, or via Kazakhstan or with feedering to the Trans Siberian Railway.

Finally VLS-Group also offers multimodal solutions with cross-docking in Rotterdam, Antwerp or Black Sea hubs.

Our services in China include:

  • Intermodal railway logistics
  • Multimodal logistic solutions
  • Maritime logistics
  • Port forwarding
  • Warehousing and distribution
  • Custom clearance services
  • Yangtze River barging
  • Rail operations
  • Trucking services
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