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India also plays a very important role in VLS-Group’s logistics.  

India is a country, that traditionally was mainly focussed on import cargo. Recently it could be noticed that the Indian chemical industry moved up the value chain from being a basic chemical producer to a developer of specialized and knowledge chemicals. This has lead to a change in pattern, that the chemical industry is now also increasingly focussed on export flows. 

VLS-Group has been active in India since decades. The Group both handles import flows into India as export flows from India to mainly Western Europe and CIS destinations like Russia and Centraln Asia. 

For exports to Western Europe VLS-Group has developed a “Gateway to Europe” function offering our warehouses and know-how in VAT issues at the strategic seaports of Antwerp and Rotterdam. 

Finally VLS-Group also offers multimodal solutions with cross-docking in Rotterdam, Antwerp  for international cargo flows to CIS destinations. 

Our services in India include: 

  • Multimodal logistic solutions 
  • Maritime logistics 
  • Port forwarding 
  • Warehousing and distribution 
  • Custom clearance services 
  • Rail operations 
  • Trucking services 
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