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Emerging Markets Logistics

The logistics world is becoming more and more complex as globalization opens new emerging markets and creates new opportunities. The dynamic economic development of the emerging markets is fundamentally changing world trade. The hubs and trade routes of global flows of goods will  gradually shift towards the emerging markets.


Thanks to this strong development new logistics markets will appear on the world map. New cargo flows and supply chains are being developed to these interesting markets.
Due to the reorientation of flows of goods, substantial opportunities are open to international logistics service providers. Looking at future transport routes and the increasing transport volumes, emerging markets need to invest heavily in transport infrastructure in order to handle the sheer size.

VLS-Group has a strong focus on  Business development to Emerging (niche) markets. The rise of the so called BRIC countries(Brasil, Russia, India, China) has opened very interesting new (niche)-markets.

VLS-Group  also considers Turkey as a Key (emerging) growth market.

The most interesting emerging markets where VLS-Group is active already are:

  • Eastern Europe, Russia & Central Asia
  • Turkey and Black Sea area
  • China
  • India




Eastern Europe, Russia & Central Asia

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