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Intermodal Railway Logistics

In an ever increasing globalisation of business, markets and production locations, there is an increasing demand in the chemical industry(but also in many other industries) for transportation chains that meet the demands and sophisticated requirements of its customers. As production locations and destination requirements are increasingly located elsewhere, intermodal railway logistics is increasingly growing.

This tendency is supported by the requirement of sustainable logistics, that reduce the carbon footprint.

VLS-Group has a lot of experience with intermodal railway logistics.
Transports are mostly organized in combination of a seafreight-leg, railway-leg and local delivery by truck.

Especially for logistics to Eastern Europe (East of Moscow), Central Asia (Kasachstan, Kyrgystan etc) and the Near East / Orient, these intermodal logistic transports are becoming increasingly important in respect of reliability, payload and economics.

We also handle big industrial cargoes by rail, but also other normal products like chemicals, food stuffs etc are being transported by rail. We can offer shipper‘s owned (2 pallet-wide) 40‘ containers, but also 20‘ containers for these kind of transports.

Our intermodal concepts contain the following elements:

  • Transports by sea, rail, truck, barge and airplane
  • House delivery by truck from the final railway station
  • Supply of shipper‘s owned containers
  • Coordination of all transport elements
  • Information management with status reports
  • VLS-Group competence and added-value

These Added value services include:

  • Transport documentation
  • Commercial documentation
  • Customs documentation
  • Customer service in Russian / Ukrainian / Turkish / Polish language.


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