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Supply Chain Management

International logistic chains have existed since as long as Marco Polo and The Silk Road.

But as a result of the globalization, the information age, the volatility of the global markets, the  competition pressure has increased to new dimensions. Today all the mentioned factors speed each other up. Therefore producers, consumers and logistic service providers are increasingly focussed on the challence to create flexible and efficient supply chains and develop and improve these continuously.

VLS-Group has a lot of experience in the creation and optimization of customers supply chains.
Our concepts include the design, planning, operation and the control over the total supply chain concept. In addition it includes the selection of routes, suppliers and the procurement of logistic services. We focus on the requirements of our customers in the process and strive to provide real supply chain excellence.
In addition the complete management of the supply chain, also includes the interface management with individual IT system connections like SAP, EDI and other processes.

In this respect synchromodality also plays an important role.
Synchromodality is synonymous with the creation of an optimal flexible and sustainable transport system in which the operator can choose from a range of modalities at any given moment. 
By taking synchromodality into consideration, VLS-Group is always assured of optimum transport combinations and can easily switch between modalities if necessary.

In our synchromodal transport concept, VLS-Group analysis, which transport options (ship, rail, road, inland barging, feeder transport) can be used in order to come to the optimal safe, sustainable and economic total transport concept. Part of this analysis is a risk assessment, in which all the risks and advantages (f.i. payload) of the various alternative scenarios are weighed. In this risk assessment we also focus on identifying potential bottlenecks. When necessary, (because of urgent requirements or possible unexpected obstructions en route), this synchromodal concept makes it easy to switch between the various modalities in the different scenarios.

The result is, that our customers are always assured of the optimal sustainable transport combinations within their supply chain.

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