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Value Added Logistics

VLS-Group is the market leader in Value Added Logistics for Classified and Non Classified products in Western Europe.  VLS-Group operates 23 high performing filling lines in  Antwerp, Ghent and Rotterdam. With these sophisticated filling lines the company can fill drums, IBC’s and smaller packages as from 1 Liter.


VLS-Group offers various value added logistic services at our locations:

  • Small bottles (1-5 Liter) filling
  • 200 Liter drum / 60 Liter drum filling
  • 1.000 Liter IBC filling
  • bagging operations
  • mobile drumming services
  • processing, blending and toll manufacturing

The wide range of tailor-made solutions do include:

  • filling liquid into pail, drum & IBC
  • packed liquid to bulk liquid
  • bulk liquid to bulk liquid(road tankers vs. Rail tankcars vs. ISO tankcontainers
  • filling dry bulk into bags and bigbags
  • bag to dry bulk
  • blending liquids
  • mixing liquids
  • processing liquids
  • tolling liquids
  • repacking dry chemicals
  • repacking liquids
  • mobile drumming services(filling into pail, drum and IBC) at customer locations




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