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The chemical industry in Europe uses logistics services providers to store, handle and transport chemical products. Chemical companies need assurance that these operations are carried out safely and responsibly with due regard for the protection of employees, the public and the environment.

Therefore Cefic launched the Safety and Quality Assessment Systems(SQAS) programme with the aim of improving safety during the transport, storage and handling of chemicals.


  • SQAS provides a tool to assess the quality, safety and environmental management systems of logistics service providers by independent assessors using a standard questionnaire. In this way, SQAS helps the chemical industry to select the right logistics service providers.


  • The VLS-Group was the first warehousing organization, which was assessed according to SQAS for warehousing companies in a pilot assessment by Cefic on 16.03.2004. The assessment has meanwhile been refreshed twice. 
  • The VLS-Group aims to have every site and every company assessed according to SQAS. Meanwhile Antwerp and Pernis have been assessed and the assessment of Frankfurt is scheduled in 2012.
  • The logistics entities of the VLS Group (VLS-Group Germany GmbH and VLS-Group Logistics Netherlands B.V.) were assessed in 2006, and the assessments have been refreshed in  2009 and 2012.
SQAS ESAD Certificates
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