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The history of the VLS-Group starts at 1616 with the foundation of “Blauwhoeden Vriesveem” in Amsterdam (handling & warehousing port cargo). In 1976 this company merged with “Pakhuismeesteren” into “Pakhoed NV” offering specialised services to the chemical & oil industry like tank storage, chemical tanker shipping, warehousing and forwarding services. In1839, “van Ommeren” was founded in Rotterdam which developed activities in similar fields.

In 1999, “Royal Van Ommeren” and “Royal Pakhoed”merged into “Royal Vopak NV”. This merger created a global strong player in the logistics business for the chemical & oil industry. The logistics divisions of both groups were merged into “Vopak Logistic Services” which created a company, specialised in warehousing, forwarding and logistic services.

In 2003, Vopak decided to divest its Logistic division.

As a result, in 2003 “VLS-Group” was established through a Management Buy-Out (MBO) by the management of the former Vopak Logistics Services (VLS) Business Unit.


In 2007 VLS-Group was bought by Gadot Ltd. and in 2010 VLS-Group acquired the Ghent Terminal.

On November 29th, 2018, Gadot Ltd. decided to divest its activities in Warehousing and Value-added Logistics, in filling, bagging and drumming, on the locations in Rotterdam-Pernis and Antwerp to Broekman Logistics.

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