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VLS-Group Security Safety Health Environment Quality

VLS-Group Security Safety Health Environment Quality

The VLS-Group is committed to achieving the highest standards of environmental responsibility and to safeguarding the safety and health of our employees, customers and the general public, while ensuring the quality for our products and services. Driven by our belief that business success must go hand in hand with responsible corporate citizenship, we work for continuous improvement in our SSHEQ performance - across all VLS-Group operations, at every site, worldwide.

Key SSHEQ certifications

  • ISO 9001
  • SQAS
  • A.E.O.

    Tying success to SSHEQ performance


    SSHEQ is an integral part of each manager’s personal objectives and goals relating to environment, health, safety, security and quality are routinely built into yearly and other plans, based on the company's policy. VLS-Group is also audited regularly by major customers. We welcome these audits as the way to ensure that we are always at the top of our game, meeting our customers’ expectations for security, safety, environmental responsibility and quality.

    Safety first

    At VLS-Group, safety considerations are always paramount. Dealing with classified (hazardous) and flammable chemicals imposes a lot of rules, which we ensure all relevant personal are familiar with.

    Our large SSHEQ team is highly experienced in dealing with hazardous / classified chemicals and
    VLS-Group personnel are well-drilled in emergency preparations. Volunteer emergency teams, regular drills, scenario planning, and other activities that we can handle any emergency as it arises. We are continuously updating our procedures and training, learning from others’ experience, and closing any gaps as they are identified.



    VLS-Group aims to actively lead the industry in security, safety, health, environment and quality standards.




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