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    When it comes to handling chemicals in and out of Israel, the world comes to Gadot. Virtually every sector of Israel’s economy depends on chemicals for operations, production, and innovation. And every step of the way, the Gadot Group is there, delivering excellence all along the chemical value chain…from advanced chemical logistics, transport, terminaling, shipping, storage, and distribution services, to varied specialty and commodity products for diverse industries. Welcome to the Gadot Group – a global source of excellence for all aspects of chemical transportation, storage, and distribution.

  • Gadot Group

    The Gadot Group is the premier provider of bulk chemicals shipping, logistics, storage and distribution services. The world’s largest manufacturers depend on Gadot to transport their liquid chemicals, oils and other materials globally; and our customers, big and small, trust Gadot as their partner to deliver raw materials, chemicals and medicines and to transport their products abroad. With its comprehensive network of companies, subsidiaries, partners and suppliers, the Gadot Group offers unparalleled expertise, reach and quality – delivering excellence along the chemical value chain.

  • Gadot Sales & Distribution

    Gadot Sales and Distribution leads the Israeli and European markets in sourcing, transporting, storing, packaging, distributing and delivering raw chemicals, solvents, flammable and hazardous chemicals and other raw materials from all over the globe. It represents the world’s foremost specialized and commodity suppliers, providing comprehensive and reliable service to companies in Israel, Europe and around the world. With its exceptionally broad portfolio of products and services, Gadot Sales and Distribution is uniquely capable of offering customers outstanding value while also enabling suppliers and partners to optimize netback.

  • Gadot Chemical Logistics

    The Chemical Logistics division of Gadot offers unparalleled expertise and breadth of service in the entire chemical supply chain for the Israeli and European markets, taking care of everything from liquid bulk terminaling, chemicals storage and warehousing to production, value added services, land transportation, and freight forwarding. With operations throughout Israel and Europe and an advanced infrastructure of sites that meet the highest safety standards, including chemical terminals, Gadot Chemical Logistics is trusted by Israeli and multi-national companies to deliver safe, efficient and on-time end-to-end 3PL services.

  • Gadot Marine

    The Gadot Marine division brings together a worldwide network of companies and partners to provide comprehensive, global chemical shipping services. It represents many of the leading shipping lines connecting Asia-Pacific, the Americas and Europe with Israel and owns and operates extensive specialty equipment, including a fleet of chemical tankers and thousands of ISO tanks. With more than five decades of expertise in transporting hazardous and non-hazardous chemicals, Gadot Marine provides a single reliable answer for all chemical shipping needs.


Tene Capital Group has completed the acquisition of Gadot Chemical Tankers & Terminals Ltd.

About Us

Founded in 1959, the Gadot Group is a leading supplier within the chemical value chain with emphasis on hazardous solvents and specialty chemicals. From procurement and storage to transport and delivery, Gadot promises and delivers Excellence Along the Chemical Value Chain.



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